Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Little pretty treats..

So after watching The Great British Bake Off last night where the contestents were challenged to bake my all time favourite french delicacy, macaroons! I thought I would dedicate a blog post on the much loved brand Laduree and their famous macaroons.

I have been fascinated with macaroons after watching Blair Waldorf scoffing them down ever so elegantly on Gossip Girl; the colours, quaint size and overall presentation made them so aesthetically pleasing to my eye. Therefore next time I made a trip to London I had to make a visit to the Laduree patisserie in Harrods.

How beautiful? It is decorated with such chic and is as lavish as it looks. The counter is placed with a large selection of macaroons from flavours such as rose and ginger to coconut. Here are some pictures of the macaroons which I selected from two seperate occasions.

 L-R: Orange, Raspberry, Forest Fruits, Coffee, Rose and Ginger and Pistachio

L-R: Pistachio, Mint and Strawberry, Caramel with Salted Butter, Coconut, Raspberry and Coffee.

My favourite flavour is pistachio, the flavour comes through really delicately. I've been reluctant to try the very adventurous flavours such as liquorice and lily of the valleys, as they are not cheap so I'd rather not waste money on a macaroon that I hate the flavour of.

As you can see the packaging of the macaroons are just as beautiful, you can select which style of box you would like and what I like to do is keep them for storage.

Next on the to do list is to try and bake these beauties, notoriously hard to master the simple macaroon is a challenge for any keen baker. Keep posted, a recipe and pictures of my macaroons will follow soon. ^_^


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