Sunday, 25 September 2011

Outfit of the day & glasses frames...

Hey dolls,

So it has been a miserable Sunday afternoon, very rainy, dull and generally bleurgh! On this note I thought I would dress with more pops of colour to brighten up my day.
Outfit -
Jacket - Topshop
Red wine skinny jeans - River Island
Scarf - River Island

The scarf is the statement piece being so colourful and printed, I am loving these wine coloured jeans at the moment, makes such a difference in colour compared to the usual black or navy jeans. River Island have a good colour selection in these jeans, brown, mustard, purple and black; I might go back and purchase more colours, considering I find it hard for jeans to be the right length etc being such a midget and all.

Make up and accesories -
Circle lens - Neo sunflower aqua from Honey Colour
Eyelashes - Diamond lash in 'glamorous'
Lipbalm - Models Own blackberry
Earring - Topshop
Bunny ring from Me and Zena
Watch - Juicy Couture

On another note I am having my eyes tested tomorrow as I am starting to strain when reading etc :( therefore I spent a good half hour in the opticians looking for suitable frames. I would like to state that I do not suit glasses frames unless they are big geeky ones therefore choosing the right frame was so difficult >_< I have narrowed it down to these two pairs.

Pink Prada frames or black DKNY; neither look great but needs must they were the best out of the bunch! Which ones do you think I should go for? Opinions are very much welcome as I have no clue. Comment and let me know :)

Until next time,

Sheila Elle x

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Bunny ring...

Hello all,

I thought I would share with you my newly purchased ring from the jewellery brand, Me and Zena. As soon as I saw this ring I knew I had to get it, its so cute and kitsch and adds to my collection of costume rings. Me and Zena was founded by Zena Mckeown and the pieces are a celeb fave with Fearne Cotton, Pixie Lott and Ellie Goulding all fans. Without futher adieu...
How adorable is it?! The eyes are actually little green gems that add the little sparkle in the piece. You can also purchase this ring in silver with blue eyes but I much prefer gold jewellery. Me and Zena have some great jewellery pieces in their collection, visit their site here or alternatively purchase from Inlovewithfashion for free UK and Worldwide delivery!

Here are some pics of me wearing the ring, excuse the face - I was being good to my skin and having a rare make up free day ^_^

Love, Sheila Elle x

Monday, 19 September 2011

Inside the Glossybox..

I am as much of a beauty junkie as I am a fashion follower, so as you can expect when I heard about the Glossybox concept I was very excited!

The Glossybox is a monthly subscription service for anyone who likes to try the latest new beauty products, each month you will recieve 5 luxury beauty products that are beautifully wrapped up within the trademark box along with a card description of each item. I assure you that when the box arrives on your doorstep, you'll be so excited to open each part to reach the products!

Ahh how thrilling?! I have recieved 3 Glossyboxes so far and it never fails to make me happy to unwrap the goodies! The little touches such as the pink bow and black crepe paper make the box so thoughtful and indulgent.

It costs £10 a month plus £2.95 for the postage and packaging, but you do recieve some full sized products which are worth more than the total price itself. You are also able to cancel your subscription anytime. I love the samples as are great for trying out new beauty products without splashing out full price, you even get exclusive discounts for each brand included in the box.

Inside September 2011 Glossybox...

- HD Brows Eye and Brow Palette
- Mary Greenwell Plum Eau de Parfum
- L’OrĂ©al Professionnel Mythic Oil
- StriVectin SD Eye Concentrate
- Nuxe HuileProdigieuse® / HuileProdigieuse Or®

I gave the StriVectin eye cream to my mother, but have tried the rest of the products. I will talk a little more about my favourite two products. The HD brow set is full size with 4 shades of brown to colour in your brows, the different shades makes it suitable for everyone and it gives your brows a soft look yet filling out any gaps and adding depth to them. I would recommend this product as its easy to use with the brush included and the 4 shades mean you can mix to find your exact colour. My other fave was the L'oreal mythic oil, I dye my hair regularly therefore it can get very dry; the oil is very lightweight (you only need 1 or 2 drops) and you can use it on wet or dry hair to give an instant smooth, silky look to your tresses. I only use the oil on the driest part of my hair, the ends and it works wonders!

Have you guys subscribed to the Glossybox? What do you think of it?

Until next time, Sheila Elle x

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Outfit of the day & Alexander Wang...

Hey guys and girls,

So I promised some more outfit blog posts to give you guys an idea of my style. It was rather chilly this morning when I was off to work so thought I would dress with a bit more darker colours.

Blouse - Vintage
Long top - Topshop
Scarf - Never Fully Dressed
Bow brogues - River Island
Studded bag - Alexander Wang inspired

So the outfit is very smart and quite dark but I have accessorised so that I have pops of colour, I love the scarf from Never Fully Dressed, it is very versatile you can wear it as a scarf, head scarf or even a shoulder cover up.

I left the make up quite minimal for the day, just some falsies with a little pink blush and topped off with my favourite blackberry lipbalm from Models Own. Excuse my bad roots, I am planning to get a new hair colour soon, update will follow.

So now a little focus on my new bag, I love Alexander Wang bags but my budget doesn't stretch that far, I wouldn't usually go for replicas as I think sometimes they look so cheap and fake but this one looks almost identical! The actual bag is a celeb fave and I can see why, it is practical and big enough to carry all the essentials but at the same time matching with lots of outfits. My favourite part of the bag are the gold studs though, which adds a little glam grunge.

Heres a photo of the celebs carrying the real bag and mine which is a pretty good match!

What do you think of the outfit and bag?

Sheila Elle x

Sunday, 11 September 2011

My beautiful new boots..

During my lunchbreak last week I was casually browesing around Topshop, as you do and I came across these little beauties. Behold.

They are called 'Artwork' a very apt name for them. I very rarely spend a larger amount of money on a pair of shoes, as I tend to shop often I have to make sure I buy more moderately priced items to keep in budget; although I saw these in the 'buy it now, or regret it later' section and I couldn't resist! They only had one pair left in my size, surely that was a sign? ;-)

I love the lace detail on the boots and the chunky tan heel, the shoes look very casual chic on and goes with many outfits. The only down side is that because they are cream/white lace I have to make sure I look after them well, which means avoiding wearing them in any sort of rain!

Blouse - Topshop
Jeans - Mango
Jacket - Topshop
Boots - Topshop

I am literally a walking promo for Topshop, I think I will probably do some more outfit blog posts and show you my style, since we are heading into Autumn/Winter and its my favourite time of the year for fashion :-)

Ciao for now


Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Little pretty treats..

So after watching The Great British Bake Off last night where the contestents were challenged to bake my all time favourite french delicacy, macaroons! I thought I would dedicate a blog post on the much loved brand Laduree and their famous macaroons.

I have been fascinated with macaroons after watching Blair Waldorf scoffing them down ever so elegantly on Gossip Girl; the colours, quaint size and overall presentation made them so aesthetically pleasing to my eye. Therefore next time I made a trip to London I had to make a visit to the Laduree patisserie in Harrods.

How beautiful? It is decorated with such chic and is as lavish as it looks. The counter is placed with a large selection of macaroons from flavours such as rose and ginger to coconut. Here are some pictures of the macaroons which I selected from two seperate occasions.

 L-R: Orange, Raspberry, Forest Fruits, Coffee, Rose and Ginger and Pistachio

L-R: Pistachio, Mint and Strawberry, Caramel with Salted Butter, Coconut, Raspberry and Coffee.

My favourite flavour is pistachio, the flavour comes through really delicately. I've been reluctant to try the very adventurous flavours such as liquorice and lily of the valleys, as they are not cheap so I'd rather not waste money on a macaroon that I hate the flavour of.

As you can see the packaging of the macaroons are just as beautiful, you can select which style of box you would like and what I like to do is keep them for storage.

Next on the to do list is to try and bake these beauties, notoriously hard to master the simple macaroon is a challenge for any keen baker. Keep posted, a recipe and pictures of my macaroons will follow soon. ^_^


Tuesday, 6 September 2011

My favourite Cardiff hangout...

Milgi's in Cardiff, a 100% veggie bar/cafe located on the ever diverse City Road. The thing I love most about this place is the atmosphere, it breathes individuality with its kitsch interior design, vintage mis match sofas and little trinkets and wall hangings.

A few images taken from the website show the pretty interiors and the entrance of the bar; the window is also used as an art wall, with a new painting adorned every so often.

A unique quality of Milgi's would be the gazebo tent in the garden, the tent is beautifully lit up with fairy lights and lamps in the evenings and offers a chilled out vibe for drinking or a quick bite to eat; although I would be wary sitting in the tent now its getting cooler!

I have yet to try the food here since I am not keen on too much vegetarian cuisine, being Chinese and all (big meat eaters). Although I love their selection of drinks, from cocktails to hot chocolates, Milgis offer a wide selection of different and unsual concoctions such as 'iced rose & chocolate milk with a hint of rose petal' 'lavender lemonade' and 'star anise tea'.

Here is an image of the hot chocolates I had with my friend, very indulgent but during a rainy, dull Sunday afternoon it was the perfect accompaniment!

I guess the thing I love about their drinks is that there is thought that goes into every cup made, even the hot chocolates were themed towards the flavour e.g. my hot chocolate orange had a slice of orange peel placed amongst the masses of cream! And my friend's coconut flavour had shavings of the fruit on top.

So if you ever visit Cardiff I would definitley recommend this little bar/cafe as a hang out! Go on a Monday night and you can even get your creative juices flowing by joining in the art club. Find out more about Milgis from their website here or their Facebook page.

Until next time,

Coco Elle x