Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Essex Fashion Week

Hello dolls,

So at the weekend I went to Essex Fashion Week for work with my colleague Lucie, it was an experience to say the least! I had never visited Essex before, nor had Lucie so we were not entirely sure what to expect; now don't get me wrong I do love watching The Only Way is Essex and having a giggle about their lifestyle but I wasn't sure how much of their characters were real etc, turns out they are pretty much exactly like they are portrayed but most of them are so friendly and fun!

Our client Ella-Tino was appearing at the show so we were both excited to see the collection, it was by far the best designer there; the rest of the show did not impress, I don't even know how they can call some of it fashion?! So here are some pictures of the show, courtesy of Ropix Designs.

Some of my favourite looks from the Ella-Tino girls - especially love the printed cover up, beautiful! The styling was great as well, courtesy of Jemma!

 Essex Fashion Week branded cupcake!

 Me in my inlovewithfashion dress with the lovely Lucie!

 Lucie and I with Jemma from Ella-Tino.

A funny car wash we saw on the drive home, haha so funny! How much can you cash in on TOWIE huh? Well overall it wasn't really a fashion show but it was interesting to be there and have fun with Lucie and the girls from Ella-Tino.

All fun and games eh?

Love, Sheila Elle xxx


  1. loving these cut outs and mullet tops. the longer backside is so posh. adorable blog, love your background reminds me of a tea party :) i'm following! xx

  2. Thanks for the lovely comment!

    Following you too xx