Monday, 7 November 2011

My new ear candy: Ear cuffs

Oh haiiii

As you know I've been loving the glam grunge jewellery as of late and ear cuffs have been a staple of my accessories - they add a certain toughness to an outfit without being too over bearing.

Here are the two ear cuffs that I have been wearing, both from Topshop. They're nothing too out there and crazy but just subtle enough to give off that tough look.

Feather ear cuff from fashion rock jewellery brand Regal Rose this is much more of a statement piece in comparison but would look great if you wanted more a hippie rock look.
Three symbolic ear cuffs from Regal Rose these are more understated and can be more easily worn with outfits, I particularly love the little cross.

So what do you think of ear cuffs? Would you incorporate it into your look to give it a bit of edge?

Speak soon!

Love, Sheila Elle xxx

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  1. cute cuffs :)

    I tagged you in a post!