Wednesday, 26 October 2011

My weekend in London...

Hello all,

I thought I would blog about my weekend in London and show you some of the photos I took whilst I was there. So last weekend I paid my best friend a visit in London, since she moved there just over a month ago; I had such a good time although London can be very stressful! Especially on a Saturday when you're trying to do some shopping! Manic is the word and you just get hot and bothered meaning you're just not in the mood!

THE yummiest crepe I had at Cremerie Creperie in South Kenginston! It was banana, peanuts, cream and maple syrup - indulgent or what? The only thing about London is the food temptation, everywhere! I had this crepe at 10pm O_o food outlets just make it too easy for you to eat all the bloody time!

The road which my friend lives on; it is beautiful! Definitely a road you'd aspire to own a flat! She lives in the hospital accommodation but still it looks impressive, makes such a vast difference to some areas in London anyway.

The pop up Chanel counter in Harrods. Looked great like sweet shop inspired with big jars full of Chanel beauty products! Beautiful...

Typical tourist photo of the Victoria and Albert Museum - look how lovely the weather was on Saturday, gorgeous ^_^
Wearing my ear cuff - from Topshop. Wearing my princess bambi green apple - the left eye looks a funny colour due to lighting.

Enjoying my Pinkberry frozen yoghurt - I went for the chocolate flavour with brownies and granola topping, it was really nice, indulgent but not as bad for you as ice cream! Above is a picture of my bestest girl Lucy! She went for the coconut flavour with raspberries and granola.
 Yum cha at China Town - beef with hor fun (rice noodle), har gau (prawn dumplings), lor bat go (turnip paste), fried squid and char siu bau! :)

 Covent Garden.
Plain assam bubble tea at my new favourite bubble tea outlet in London - Bubbleology! Very cool concept, the place is like a lab with all the test tubes, lava lamps and scientific bubble tea equations on the wall! The staff even wear white lab coats haha

Even though I live in the UK and have been to London numerous times, its so big and theres so many places to go that I always kind of feel like a tourist when I'm there. Have you been to any of these places? What do you think or recommend?

Love Sheila Elle xxx