Thursday, 21 October 2010

London - future thoughts..

Things I love about London -

1) The cultural diversity of the city, one of the few places you can go and hear five different languages in one place!
2) The endless amount of shops, bars, restaurants and bakeries to try out.
3) Historic and the beauty of the architecture
4) Entertainment is easily accessible
5) Conveniencce of most things e.g Starbucks on basically every corner and a Beard Papa
6) The fashion style of Londoners, always experimental and quirky nethertheless very fashion forward!
7) Opportunities to further your career e.g work placements and meeting valuable contacts.

Last weekend I kindly accompanied my cousin to an open day at The University of Westminster, beside from the fact that everyone still thought I looked young enough to be 17 I had a good reflection on my time at university and how that is shortly coming to an end.

Firstly I visited the Regent campus at Uni of Westminster, the campus where my cousin will be based if she attends there. It is literally right in the heart of central London, just off Oxford street to be exact! How amazing would that be? I know it wouldn't be to everyones desires, I mean the general hectic London life is a lot to take on but counter acting with that fact that you will have London right on your doorstep is pretty cool right?

In the regent campus they have a lecture hall called 'The Old Cinema' which is basically what it says, a historic old cinema where lectures are held, with an ornate old organ at the front and a balcony seating area it gives off a real flash from the past when you enter.

So, as I have described the University of Westminster so far, no doubts my cousin has really considered the establishment as a firm second choice. The course she is hoping to study is Cognitive Neuroscience, a firm BBB requirement is a suitable second choice after University of Manchester with its AAB grades.

The experience really made me relflect upon my own university life, as a fourth year now I am reaching the end of my academic era and will soon be a working employee. I feel my university experience overall has been good, but it could have been fulfilled more; as I ponder my degree and whether I have chosen the right course for me I take the good points of my university life such as meeting my lovely boyfriend and some great friends and look to move forward in life, whether that be a career in PR or a completely different discipline?

Watch this space..I hope to continue blogging through my graduate job search =)

Love, Coco Elle

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  1. Last year at uni is definitely weird, I don't feel that old lol ! Need to find a work placement and a proper job then. I'm already nervous...! Good luck for your London dreams hun! xx