Thursday, 14 October 2010

Benefit - Girl meets Pearl!

As I have mentioned before, whilst I am studying at university I am also a part time beauty advisor for the cosmetics brand, Benefit; now a good perk of working within the beauty industry is the fact that I get given the new product to try out for free!

So, Benefit's latest little beauty wonder is... Girl meets Pearl, a liquid pearl lotion for the face; true to Benefit style, the packaging is adorable, purple and baby pink with an arty silhouette of a city skyline for the background.

Benefit - Girl meets Pearl
Cute packaging huh? I love the fact that the bottle is the same as the product That Gal, the twist pump makes application easier and it means you're not wasting too much of the product as all you need to do is a few twists of the bottle.

The actual lotion itself is a pinky sheer liquid that has been infused with a golden effect, it gives a lovely luminous effect on the skin. It has actual crushed pearls added to it which gives it that glow, and almond and sesame oil to firm and moisturise the skin. The product has also been infused with raspberry and camomille which are both known as cooling and depuffing agents, the raspberry in it also makes it smell so good!

Girl meets Pearl swatch
You can see from the swatch above that its very shimmery, but for those who have tried Benefit's High Beam or Moon Beam, the Girl meets Pearl differs as this is much more subtle when patted on the skin; whereas the High/Moon Beam are essentially facial highlighters, you get that more intense iridescent glow. Girl meets Pearl can be worn just patted over cheek bones and brow bones for the highlighting effect, so when the light or sun shines you will see that lovely shimmer. Or for those who want that dewy fresh look it can be applied all over the face, either under/over make up or simply mix with some liquid foundation such as You Rebel to give that subtle effect.

Girl meets Pearl over cheek and brow bone

Ok, so in the image above I have applied the product just over my cheek and brow bone and you can see that highlighting effect it gives, the picture was taken with no flash so the product shows up with just the light as an enhancer. It feels instantly cooling on the skin when applied and the first thing you notice is how gorgeous it smells! Application is simple and a little goes a long way. Like I mentioned previously you can mix it with your favourite foundation and it gives the skin a healthy and dewy look!

If you are interested in trying Girl meets Pearl then just pop into your local Benefit counter, whether that be in House of Fraser, Debenhams, Boots, Beales etc and ask one of the girls to try it out on you!

Love, Coco Elle x

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