Sunday, 2 October 2011

Glam grunge jewellery..

Oh hai!

It has been lovely weather in the UK for the past week, a long promised Indian summer finally did arrive! I have been keeping my style more simple as of late, due to the fact that I am rocking the accessories full out this season - I have been loving the glam grunge jewellery trend, the look toughens up girly outfits and gives it that little bit more edge.

I have also bought myself a DSLR! So excited, I'm starting to get into photography as a hobby so expect better quality pictures and maybe posts with just photography images - bear with me though, I am just a beginner :)

My favourite rings I'm currently wearing on a daily basis and cross bracelet; the glam grunge look focuses heavily on crosses, skulls, wings, statement necklaces etc

Bunny 'bright eyes' ring - Me and Zena
Layered spiral ring - Topshop
Winged ring - Seren Boutique (Cardiff)
Double Chain ring - Topshop
Cross bracelet - Topshop

Double cross long necklace - Topshop
Make up -
Foundation - Dr Jart Black Label BB Cream
Eyeshadow - Models own, White Pearl
Eyelashes - Diamond Lash - Glamorous eye
Lipstick - MAC Lady Gaga Viva Glam II

Testing out new camera with my cousin and an essential cam whore mirror picture! ^_^

What do you think of the glam grunge trend? Will you be incorporating it in your style this A/W?

Ciao, Sheila Elle x


  1. it's been in my closet for about 2 years. i've always been wearing skulls, crosses, spikes, etc. i get my fair share of jokes from friends/passersby but let's face it, i look badass and i like it!

  2. Really pretty jewellery. Good luck with the DSLR, it took me ages to get the hang of mine so hopefully you're more of a natural than me!!xxx

  3. Thanks for lovely comments! :) xxx

  4. I see you have good taste in jewellery! :) x